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Don't be proud, she has to.

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4 June 1980
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Well, at age 6, I ran away and joined the circus. They taught me how to make baskets. From there, I grew up to have a lucrative career in basket-making and wicker furniture. At age 30, I was elected Senator of Rome, and campaigned relentlessly for Free Chicken Soup for the Homeless. The decision was to let them eat cake, and I was beheaded along with the rest of the proletariat in a bloody civil war in the summer of 1476, in Nepal. Thank you.

I don't really have a list of hobbies, since what I do changes every year or so, depending on what I feel up to, who I have to do it with, and how much spare cash I have. Used to play baseball, used to go camping and rock climbing, did some industrial drumming (think STOMP!), currently big on Anime and stand-up comedy.

Also, while I am paid to by a telecommunications company to investigate internet abuse, it is my job to post absurd or asinine things in your comments.
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