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I finally got around to watching the end of Kyle XY, and MAN, I have… - Don't despair, your mother loves you!
Wed, Sep. 2nd, 2009 07:00 pm
I finally got around to watching the end of Kyle XY, and MAN, I have not been as disappointed in how a series ended (or how the writers/directors wanted to take the series if it ever restarted - Julie Plec Answers Questions About Kyle XY) since Cowboy Bebop.

Ugh ugh ugh. Kyle and Jessi made a perfect yin-yang sort of relationship, Kyle's innocent, logical, contemplative where Jessi's devious, competitive, adventurous, and in the last season they were rubbing off on each other - Nicole tells Kyle he's angrier, lying comfortably; Jessi shows the beginnings of restraint and sacrifice.

Julie Plec talks about Kyle's "prophet" destiny, how he's to wander the earth alone fixing things ... we already have The Pretender, and the Kwisatz Haderach. The crap about a relationship between Kyle and Jessi being "ultimately self-destructive" pisses me off. I feel like that degrades Jessi. First, the idea that Jessi's broken - Kyle even addresses that in-character: he had all the advantages, he got a ride out of the lab on a gurney, not an explosion, and got a loving family instead of a drunk guy with a knife. Sure, Jessi's messed up, but it's easy to love someone who's perfect, and Amanda, as written, is too sweet and too close to perfect to be real. I loved watching their relationship grow in the first two seasons, but I'd like to think that's what every first-love is like: too sweet to be real. But I also don't know anyone whose first love was their only love, or who married their first love and was happy. Ugh, so mad.

I was really hoping for a sort of Reverse Hancock. The show establishes that while logic and experimentation allows for the discovery of new abilities, it is emotion that fuels those powers. Instead of Hancock throwing himself out of a hospital to get away from Mary and save her life, go the opposite route: when Kyle and Jessi are together, they can do things they wouldn't have imagined possible, but apart, they lose their focus, their drive, and their moral center; they become more and more normal.

Start at the cliffhanger; Kyle mind-wipes Cassidy, goes full-on Dark Side for a while. Give Amanda an opportunity to see just how scary Kyle's world is, give the Tragers a chance to see Kyle isn't just an innocent, super-smart teenage boy, that he has responsibilities (dare I say it, a destiny), and give Jessi a chance not only to grow as a person (stick her with 'saving' the Tragers every week while Kyle's off on his mission of Terrible Vengeance), but save Kyle from himself.

You could have Kyle and Jessi learn that, since they need to constantly challenge their own expectations to grow, they need a partner; since their powers need strong emotions to fuel their abilities, the more they trust each other, the deeper an emotional bond they can form, and the stronger a bond, the more powerful they become. Eventually, they can fulfill their Latnok-anticipated roles, but with each other, they don't need a secret-society support structure because they can do anything; with each other as sounding boards, they don't ever have to worry about doing anything shortsighted or evil. They'd be the future of mankind, a metaphor for life, science, religion, and marriage all rolled into one.

Or, you know, instead, Kyle can be some weird solitary Jesus/Muad'Dib/Jarod/JC Denton clusterfuck-hybrid, Amanda can get her heart broken again, and Jessi can be free to fulfill her nightmare-destiny of being alone for the rest of her life.

Fuck you, Julie Plec.